Calendar Monthly View

All events scheduled in the calendar are also reflected in your Contact’s screen (and vice versa) The calendar operates like any high end calendar software. But here’s the cool part. Dog holidays and events are listed in the calendar as well. So, if “Canine Healthy Diet Week” is coming up, it’s a great opportunity for you to drop a quick email to all your customers/prospects/contacts about the virtues of a healthy diet for their dogs. It’s a value added to them and a great way to get your name in front of them.

The calendar is color coded for different event classifications.

All views (month, week, day) can be printed out.

Download a sample month view of the calendar

Calendar Weekly View
Download a sample week view of the calendar

Calendar Daily View

Calendar Event Details

When you Click on any event listed in your calendar, this window will appear allowing you to review, edit or add new notes to each individual event.
This window is also used to schedule new appointments. Note, you can color code your appointments (four colors to choose from) so that different types of appointments (group class, private session, personal appointment) stand out.