Manage Your Contacts

Dog Trainer ConneXion is a true database program that allows you to not only record data but to access, sort and analyze it as well. Unlike other programs requiring monthly lease fees, you’ll own Dog Trainer ConneXion and it will reside on your computer or tablet – internet access is not necessary. With Dog Trainer ConneXion, you own not only the program but your data as well.

Dog Trainer ConneXion Contacts module:

Contacts: The contacts module is utilized to enter new contacts (and their dogs) into the program and to access existing contact information. The Contacts screen is the “hub” of the program.

The Training Notes tab is used to create, review and print follow up notes for each training session.

The Dog Notes tab is used to keep track of information about each customer’s dog, breed; age; gender; food; behavioral issues; health issues; known cues; cues to learn; the dog’s picture; and much more.

The Appointments Tab is used to schedule appointments (scheduling of appointments can also be done in the Dog Trainer ConneXion calendar module. Appointments entered in either module appear in both. One of the great features of this program is that information is entered once yet utilized in many different ways. There is no need for repetitive entry of the same data) Each scheduled appointment is kept as part of the contact’s history.

The Group Classes Tab is used to schedule a customer for a particular group class (Group Classes are created, marketed and scheduled in another screen). Invoices for a group class can be generated from this screen as well.

The Directions tab allows the user to seemlessly interface with Mapquest, copy directions and paste them in the contact’s profile.

The Accounting tab is used to create invoices for customers and track balances due; classes owed (for multiple private session packages); review fees; payment methods; and more.

The Dog Trainer ConneXion Customer Profile.

A great feature/benefit of the program is the customer profile. This profile is a printable collection of all data pertaining to a customer which can be printed and brought along on your appointment.

The profile contains follow up notes for all sessions with the customer; customer information such as name, address, phone, and other members living in the household; dog information such as behavioral issues, cues learned, cues in process and more; invoices (showing payment status); all prior appointments; handouts and leave behinds that you’ve given to the customer so that you know what written material you’ve provided; and much more.

Click here to see a PDF of a sample customer profile.